What has happened to me?

Camel fair all the sameI am so taken with India.

I’ve been in India a month. It’s been so much more than all I had hoped and so much less of all I had feared. Make no mistake, it’s intense and I seem to be on an internal fight-or-flight mode much of the time. But, overall, I’m still in love.

I know I’ve been missing from this blog. This weekend, I will try to catch up with a few stories. But, the reason I’ve been slow to write here, is that I’ve been working on another web site that I’d like to share. I’ve been learning so much on my travels and this web site is designed to share some of what i’ve been learning. It’s taken me a long time. Building a photographic web site when the internet access is so so slow…it’s a big challenge. Just today I finished it enough to want to share it.

Please check it out. www.global-graffiti.com

Love to you all and more stories soon.

Happy thanksgiving!



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