Your Very Own Adventure

Leanne Beach

“Hi. My name is LeAnne. I am from Denver, Colorado. I’ve worked hard to be able to travel the world for a year, and now is the time. I’m looking to learn. To help. To meet cool people. To collect stories. To change. Follow me.”

That was in the year 2013, the beginning of a two year trip of intense personal discovery. I am forever changed having learned about the world and what I learned about myself, what makes me tick, what drives my heart and how I can be a help. I am still going! Sometimes it’s at home in the United States, sometimes in other places.  I continue to add stories to this site about my adventures.

Now I am a personal and professional coach specializing in personal discovery, entrepreneurship and parenting.

Would you be interested in having an adventure?

One thing I learned traveling the world, living in huts and hostels, meeting so many people, is that when I put myself in brand new situations and brand new places, the raw Me comes out, I see myself in ways I have never before and what I’m capable of. It gives me time and space to silence the buzz and hear my own voice, see my own heart.  It builds confidence and surety in me I have not gotten any other way.

I will take you on trips of discovery. We can go anywhere you want.

You don’t have to know the language, you don’t have to have experience, you just have to have a sense of fun, adventure and an open heart.

It is traveling with one pack on your back, in all it’s unglory, staying in hostels, eating local foods, experiencing the culture up close. The schedules aren’t set, we do what we want and can change when opportunities arise. And they will arise! You will do things you have never dreamed of with people from all over the world.  It is the most amazing, challenging, confidence building thrill. You will feel as if time is stretching time out and you are filling life with amazing things!

Come on a trip of discovery. Discover you!  Prices and lengths of trips are flexible. Best of all, you won’t be alone! Travel with a group on only me, one on one.  Check it out at  or email me


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