The Jungle Path to Somewhere

The first time I saw the sign to Led Zep Cafe I looked where the arrow was pointing and thought it was just a jungle path and there was no way anything could be down there but jungle.


But, as it turns out, that jungle path is a well traveled road.

And this is a major road. The one where all the upscale resorts are.


And THIS is a highway.


The jungle road to Led Zep is also the one going to the Kep Running Club and I couldn’t help but be curious about the Kep Running Club. Goodness knows I needed help with my running. So, today, I headed out on foot to find it and get some more information. The sign at the turn said it was 300 m that way. I didn’t exactly know how much 300 m was but tried to figure it out in my head… “ok so, a meter is a little less that a yard, and 100 yards is a football field, so maybe three hundred meters is like…two and a half football fields.” I tried to imagine two and a half football fields on the jungle path. I guess my calculations were wrong because I walked and walked and walked. It was wet and muddy, I was in flip flops and a skirt and it was just a matter of time before I sweated my bug spray off and became mince meat for mosquitoes.


A bad hike is like a bad relationship. There comes a point where you are filled with doubts and you don’t want to do it anymore but you’ve invested so much already you don’t want to quit either. I had just decided that if I didn’t see Led Zep or the Running Club around the next bend I was going to turn around, when a scooter came up from behind me. The driver pulled up, turned off his engine, got off the scooter and said something to me I didn’t quite understand.

It suddenly occurred to me that I was alone in the jungle.

“Led Zep?” I asked. He nodded and pointed back the way I came. Ugh. I had missed it. How had I missed it? I had only seen some signs. I groaned, turned around and started back, contemplating if I should hire him to take me. He just watched me go.

I finally found it. Led Zep Cafe is also where the running club is. When they are open they have organic smoothies, pancakes of all sorts and pate’ filled sandwiches. But today, they were closed.



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