Meet Lisette de Greef.


I did. While waiting on the bus today. Then, for four hours on the bus we got to talk.
Lisette is from Amsterdam Holland. She was spending a month in Cambodia to work with a small poor region that very much needs help. She is one of two women running an NGO and helping this area.

The story goes like this:
A friend of Lisette’s is Carola Kaller. Several years ago Carola was in Cambodia for a holiday and her bus broke down in a small town. While her bus was broken down Carola began to look around and saw many many people who were in need of much needed help. Very poor housing or food. No water. No way to care for their children. She begin to raise funds. Today, she and Lisette give relief to the people of the region. They have a manager who lives in the town and also teaches in the high school. He is in touch with the community and their needs. Lisette and Carola visit frequently to know the people and see how things are going themselves. They do things like buy cows for people, construct water pumps or fund housing. They also have a small orphanage with 5 children.

What amazes me about all this…they are people just like you and me. They see a need. They do what they can. And it means so so much!!! It makes me want to throw up my hands and cheer for People! 🙂

You can read more about the organization here: Hopeful Children Center


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