The Best Debates, drunk AND sober

Elections in India are tomorrow.

There are three Dry Days of not serving alcohol before the elections to help prevent fights and riots. 

The Persians around 450 B.C., valued the wisdom that comes while being drunk. They would make sure that particularly important arguments were debated both while sober and drunk, as only ideas that made sense in both states were truly worthwhile. This process went both ways: Arguments originally had while drunk would be debated again the next day in soberness, and dry arguments would be followed up with discussions over wine. ~Theworldpost

I know this is the opposite of what is often said about the necessity of keeping all emotion out of our intellectual processes – ‘you can’t think straight unless you are cool.’ But then neither can you think deep if you are. I suppose one must try every problem in both states. You remember that the ancient Persians debated everything twice: once when they were drunk and once when they were sober. ~C.S. Lewis
**I guess they never considered Indian riots.

dry day


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