Six Lessons Learned in Six Weeks of Travel

Lesson 1. There is a fine education to be had from others on the road

The following Face Book message is my play-by-play narration of a colorful conversation I was hearing among travelers. One of the many. I was messaging a friend while hearing this one, so I shared the grins of it with them.

blog conversation

Lesson 2. It ain’t so bad to be white

This isn't for bleaching teeth. It's for bleaching skin.

This isn’t for bleaching teeth. It’s for bleaching skin.

Lesson 3. Anything worth eating can be found on a stick

At the market

At the market

Lesson 4. No Matter what anyone tells you, make sure you have three agreeing opinions before believing it


Lesson 5. Mice don’t eat people

Of Mice and Mosquitos and Men

Lesson 6. I CAN indeed live without a blow drier. I can also cut my hair with finger nail clippers in a tight.

The day I cut my hair with nail clippers

The day I cut my hair with nail clippers


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