So, You Want to Have An Adventure?

I’m writing this from the Frankfort airport , on my way back to India after a fabulous holiday with my family.
I have the best family ever. I cried when I left. But, this adventure, for me, is not yet over.fam b and w rezised

I hunger for adventure and find it delightful that life so amply supplies it. 
Personally, I have had some of the biggest adventures of my life this year, far from home.

 But, some of the best adventures have been found in my own backyard.

It was an adventure – looking at the shape of snowflakes that landed on my door step and watching the rhubarb spring up when warm weather crept in.
Following an ant dragging magnificent weight across the sidewalk, or musing about how Amy-Caroline’s cat can make me like him when I don’t want to.

Biggs sleeping

AC’s cat makes me like him when I don’t want to

 Adventures are not hard to find, with the eyes to see it, and maybe a little tweak here and there.

Like… the time Amy Caroline and I went on a road trip. We drove from our home in Denver to Mt. Rushmore in Wyoming with a drab seven hours of fields, barbed wire and cows in between. But, we listened to the Go-Go’s, did car dances and…

 we had three adventure rules.

1. We may NOT use any maps. We may ask for directions, but maps are forbidden.

2. We will eat at ONLY local establishments, and ONLY after asking the first person in town we see where is the best local place to eat is and going there.

3. IF we see a police officer sitting in his car a parking lot, like they are apt to do, we MUST ask him…”Excuse me officer but, where is the closest donut shop?”

We ended up with a three day, slam banging adventure complete with losing ourselves on a dirt road in the Badlands of Montana, 
eating a fried Oreo Sunday in Wyoming and scaring a poor man to death in a grocery store parking lot in Nebraska when we asked
 him where to eat. I don’t know why he acted nervous, we were just two girls! And he said,

 “There are no good places to eat in this town.”


Man! Where’s you sense of adventure? 🙂

Over the holidays, I spent one whole day with each of my kids, in what turned out to be four cool adventures.

Amy Caroline and I drove five hours to the beach of Gulf Shores to play by the ocean, drive go-carts, play arcade games, 
eat seafood and drive home.

Amy jumping 2amy leanne go-cartsleanne running at beach resized

Jared is a writer, and so we went to see Faulkner’s home place in Oxford, Mississippi, followed by tasty barbecue.

jared at faulkners

Jesse took me to hike the Sipsey Wilderness Area followed up by games of pool. We tied. For a short video of this amazing place look HERE

jesse at sipsey

And  with Jackson I went to see the Coke factory in Atlanta followed by a meal at El Azteca with a mariachi band.

jackson with polar bearjackson meriachi


We. Had. So. Much. Fun.

The adventures continue for all of us. God has plans for it, just waiting to see.

Anyway…back to the road trip and adventure rules with Amy Caroline, we finally saw one policeman loitering in a parking lot…parked all alone in his car. We mustered up the courage to ask him the donut question, but our joke was lost on him. He took us completely seriously and said…

“Well, there isn’t a donut shop in this town, but in the next town you go down main street and then turn left at the second light….”

donut image


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